Our legacy of success rests on the shoulders of the entire OARS team. Our expertise and drive are integral to every mission we serve.
RADM Christopher J. Paul, USN (Ret.)
President and Chief Executive Officer
CAPT Ed ‘Cube’ Boullianne, USN (Ret.)
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
LCDR Ryan ‘Murf’ Murphy, USN (Ret.)
Senior Vice President, Operations and Contracts
CDR Robert ‘Sprout’ Proano, USN (Ret.)
Vice President, Operations
Col Tony 'Ripper' Nerad, USMC (Ret.)
Director of Marine Corps Programs
Libby Vertz
Executive Administrator and Research Assistant
LT John 'Big' Banitt
Chief Pilot
MSgt Ken McNamara, USAF (Ret.)
Chief Flight Engineer