and planning

Everything you need to know for a successful air refueling mission.

Pre-Mission Planning

Advance Planning Capabilities

If you are looking for advance mission planning capability information, please visit the mission planning section of the website for general information. This section also provides detailed information for most missions. If a specific mission profile is not listed, please contact Omega Operations.

Specific Mission Planning

If you are looking for detailed help planning specific missions, the mission planning section contains information to help you plan the event. Please contact Omega Operations as needed for more information.

Aircraft Refueling Briefs

The Omega KDC-10 and KC-707 Air-To-Air Refueling Procedures Briefs are available for download for briefing and training.

Unit-level Training Ability

Large periods of time are often scheduled for major exercise support. As the exercise planning evolves, open time is often identified. Omega can support most requests and change to alternate mission support on short notice.

As an example, during a recent JTFEX, several no-fly days appeared in the schedule and, with less than four days’ notice, OARS conducted fleet replacement squadron initial qualification flights and basic fighter maneuver support for other squadrons.

Other times, Commander, Naval Air Forces (CNAF), Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility, Virginia Capes (FACSFAC VACAPES) authorizes unit-level training support windows outside of major exercises. These periods will often be broadcast through OARS Operations or type wing staffs.

NOTE: Unit-level training is subject to exercise deconfliction and availability of OARS contract hours each year. This situation often changes throughout the year.