Our legacy of success rests on the shoulders of the entire OARS team. Our expertise and drive are integral to every mission we serve.

LT John 'Big' Banitt

Chief Pilot

John began his U.S. Navy career as an enlisted member, graduating from the Nuclear Power program. Earning his Bachelor of Science in professional aeronautics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, he was then selected to attend Officer Training School, and completed flight training in 1992. While in the Navy, John served in the TACAMO community flying the E-6A/B aircraft in numerous capacities, including Aircraft Commander, Mission Commander, Instructor Pilot, and Wing Evaluator. His experience includes military, commercial, corporate and private aviation, with over 25 years of flying experience. John transitioned from the Navy to the OARS team in 2008 and currently serves as the company’s Chief Pilot.

Bill Schaefer

Chairman of the Board and Interim President

LCDR Ryan ‘Murf’ Murphy, USN (Ret.)

Senior Vice President, Operations and Finance

Col Tony 'Ripper' Nerad, USMC (Ret.)

Executive Vice President

CDR Chris ‘Swede’ Sorensen, USN (Ret.)

Director, Operations

Libby Vertz

Director of Communications

Karen Roberts

Director of Business Management

LT John 'Big' Banitt

Chief Pilot

MSgt Ken McNamara, USAF (Ret.)

Chief Flight Engineer

Matthew Schaff

Director of Business Operations

Amy Goense

Marketing Coordinator