Success stories

What our customers say about their Omega experience.
United States Third Fleet

Omega contributed significantly to the fleet readiness training by providing critical air refueling services. As the only strategic tanker directly controlled by this command, Omega enabled many of the exercise objectives to be accomplished, particularly when USAF assets are reassigned. OARS’ 100% reliability provide the core refueling capability around which the entire air training is built. Without Omega, air strike warfare training would be significantly hindered.

U.S. Navy Fleet Commander

Air Warfare Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

In response to a question from Senator John McCain about Omega Aerial Refueling Services at a Seapower Subcommittee hearing of the United States Senate Armed Committee: I can report that the fleet is very happy with Omega’s performance. They've met all their commitments and there haven't been any problems.

U.S. Navy Director

Naval Air Systems Command

Omega has skillfully demonstrated their ability to effectively support fleet operations from a diverse number of bases throughout the world. Their on-site commitment, at these foreign bases, continues to be demonstrated in their ability to execute several demanding timelines directed by fleet schedulers. Their ability to fly any geographical area on the globe ensured that the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and other airborne units achieved and maintained an elevated international combat superiority. Omega’s ability to keep government aircraft adequately refueled ... enabled combat units to thoroughly test, and evaluate, their complex fleet tactics. Omega has truly become an integral force in the fleet’s comprehensive training cycles. These unique Omega aircraft remain a pivotal part in providing ongoing realistic combat training support. OARS’ performance during fleet exercises, squadron drags, unit level training and other unique fleet support activities has been exceptional. Their thorough understanding of fleet tanking requirements, coupled with their sound written refueling procedures, make Omega a mandatory mechanism to enhance future fleet training.

Program Manager

Naval Air Systems Command

Omega is totally customer focused. Omega provides commendable contract air refueling services for the Government. On several occasions the flight schedules exceeded contractual assets, Omega was able to provide additional tankers on a very short notice. Omega schedules all required maintenance around the government schedule to ensure high availability rates and ensure mission success.

Program Manager

Naval Air Systems Command

Omega met all contract requirements and exceeded some. Omega responded to an emergency tasking for a major Fleet Composite Training event on the east coast when two United States Air Force (USAF) tankers assigned to the exercise were unable to support the exercise. Omega successfully completed all its missions as well as all those assigned to the USAF tankers.

Program Manager

Strike Fighter Squadron 103

Omega is great! Omega crews were fantastic. Omega was very flexible and extremely accommodating in planning for our cross-country drag. Their offload rate is outstanding and the training and readiness value to our squadron is very valuable. Omega use decreased the cross-country evolution from 9 hours to just over 5 hours. Increased aircrew morale via increased confidence through IFR training opportunities. Hope to get more Omega platforms.

Commanding Officer

Strike Fighter Squadron 86

Omega, very well done today. Challenging conditions for us, and you guys made it feasible with your flexibility and risk management. Instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) nearly the entire flight; turbulence; thunderstorms; late launch; IMC rendezvous; low fuel state at the end of the exercise; and, an oil leak on my aircraft. The entire event would have been far more challenging for us had we had to manage air traffic control and the weather, time, distance, and fuel problem on our own. Better flexibility and situational awareness on your part than I witnessed in the past from some of our own DOD tankers. Thanks again.

Commanding Officer

Carrier Air Wing Seven

Omega, we can’t thank you enough for the terrific support that you provide. Your “Can Do” attitude makes the rest of the tanking world look like JV. Thanks.

U.S. Navy Deputy Commander

Carrier Air Wing One

Carrier Air Wing One wishes to pass a well deserved Bravo Zulu to Omega Aerial Refueling Services for their contributions to Carrier Air Wing One ... Our aircrew was repeatedly impressed by the professionalism, flexibility and reliability of the Omega tanker. Omega ... greeted 261 Air Wing receivers, and flawlessly delivered 793,816 pounds of fuel. It was a pleasure to have Omega on the team and we look forward to working with you again in the future. Outstanding job! CAG sends.

U.S. Navy Commander

Carrier Air Wing Nine

Carrier Air Wing Nine sends Bravo Zulu and special thanks for a job well done to Omega commercial tanking services. Your support to the John C. Stennis Strike Group was flawless. Combat readiness starts with safe, efficient, value-added, realistic training, which you have provided and delivered with the utmost pride and professionalism. You are excellence in motion.

U.S. Navy Commander, Carrier Air Wing Nine

Electronic Attack Squadron 132

We used the Omega tanker for our flight from NAS Whidbey Island, WA to NAS Norfolk, VA. This was the most trouble free and expeditious transit to the east coast that I have been a part of. After numerous transits during three east coast workup/deployment cycles and not having tanking or having last minute changes from Air Force tankers that limited their usefulness or cancelled, Omega is now my first choice for tanking. Omega saved us gas and time by allowing a quick shot with no stops that increases fatigue and chances of maintenance failures.

Operations Officer

Carrier Air Wing Seventeen

We did not use Air Force tankers due to availability. Omega tankers are always on-station, ontime. Omega is the preferred tanker in every category. Changes to the tanker track or adjustments to the on-station times only required a phone call or an email. Omega never denied a request. Carrier Air Wing Seventeen is significantly impressed with OARS’ tankers to support Carrier Air Wing operations.

Operations Officer

6th Air Mobility Wing

The Omega tankers were invaluable to the overall success of the exercise. OARS’ reliability was outstanding, with not a single maintenance problem the entire week. Again, the exercise would not have been possible without the hard work and support of the Omega tankers.

Operations Officer