Aerial Refueling

Omega has the right solution for all your air-to-air refueling needs.

Omega provides contract air-to-air refueling with a fleet of specially-equipped and converted tankers to serve as air-refueling platforms that meet the operational needs of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and U.S. allies. Omega is capable of providing probe and drogue and boom refueling services.


Any U.S. and foreign military unit capable of probe and drogue aerial refueling can request and use Omega. We support all major exercises, including nearly every COMPTUEX and JTFEX, cross-country drags, and squadron level training.

Types of Missions

Omega supports both major exercises, including nearly every COMPTUEX, JTFEX, and squadron-level training. Below are examples of missions that Omega has supported:


  • SFARP missions

  • Cross-country drags

  • Red Flag Exercises

  • CNATRA/Blue Angels support

  • Large Force Exercise training in W-157

  • MISSILEX in W-72

  • CVW strike training in Northern Australia

  • CVW/NATO exercise in the United Kingdom

  • Historic X-47B UCAS autonomous air-to-air refueling​

  • Navy/Boeing missions supporting international sales at airshows

  • NAWDC/supporting air Wing training at NAS Fallon

  • VAQ Type Wing support

  • USMC deploying units (ITX)

  • Valiant Shield

  • Contact Omega for other opportunities to fit your training requirements

Unit-Independent Training

Omega has the ability to support an entire air station during a training period. Omega will fly on station at set times each day providing fuel to squadrons that require it, enhancing unit-level training.