Our legacy of success rests on the shoulders of the entire OARS team. Our expertise and drive are integral to every mission we serve.

MSgt Ken McNamara, USAF (Ret.)

Chief Flight Engineer
A highly decorated U. S. Air Force veteran, Ken spent his early career in maintenance supporting F-100, F-4C, and F-111D aircraft. After retraining as a flight engineer, he held positions from instructor through evaluator on the C-141B and VC-137B/C. Ken was hand-selected to serve on Air Force One, where he served as Chief of Flight Engineer Training. After retiring from the Air Force with over 23 years of distinguished service, Ken joined OARS in 2002. He currently serves as Chief Flight Engineer and Assistant Facility Security Officer at OARS. He has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Grantham University, and has accumulated over 13,000 hours of flight time during his career.